Bluewater Pricefeed

The Bluewater price feed is an integrated price feed that is included with a subscription to our platform.


After the inital 30 day trial period you need to login with a live trading account to qualify for the CME fee waiver and continue receiving data without paying additional exchange fees. 

If you want to sim trade using live data after the initial trial period you can do so if you elect to pay the 80/exchange fee.

Other Exchanges (ICE and EUREX)

You can get live prices for these exchanges by using one of our technology partners for your live trading account. We do maintain limited historical for the most commonly used markets.

The "Price" feed

The Bluewater proprietary price feed is a white labeled IQFeed which has an impeccable reputation for accurate and non-filtered data.

If you select "Price" as the price feed on the trading platform you will connect to this price feed. 

The "Replay" feed

The Bluewater proprietary replay  feed is a tick by tick replay of the market for a day or a series of days. This allows the serious student to practice off hours in a safe environment to cut down the dues (in time) needed to become a successful trader.


6A U140.93010.00150.93100.927947339
6B U141.6573-0.00071.65951.655943391
6C U140.91350.00040.91410.911628774
6E U141.3245-0.00371.32981.3222202462
6J U140.009620-0.0000110.0096490.00959989224
6N U140.8383-0.00040.84130.83637199
6S U141.1032-0.00481.10541.101712818
CL U1496.403.5896.4792.807575
ES U141987.75-2.001991.501981.501179999
GC Z141281.804.501283.901274.6085256
GF Q14216.5001.400216.650215.400791
HE V1493.350-0.37594.42592.5259724
HG U143.20450.02803.21103.198510376
LE V14147.5501.925147.875146.02511766
NG U143.842-0.0373.8903.82822256
NQ U144057.259.754061.004039.25183926
SI U1419.395-0.03019.50019.28516558
YM U1416999-16170461696284780
ZB U14140.150.13140.18139.21350726
ZC Z14372.2510.25373.75368.7560857
ZL Z1432.68-0.1733.1032.5829979
ZN U14125.285-0.025126.075125.1951220310
ZS X141043.505.001047.751038.5058741
ZW U14549.252.75562.50547.5019548

Copyright, Bluewater Trading Solutions, licensed data vendor of the CME Group.