BlueWater Trading Solutions

was created with the purpose of becoming an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and technology provider for Traders, Educators, Introducing Brokers and FCMs. If you are interested in using our data solutions or promoting our products, get more information or questions answered please email Peter Nannis

Peter Nannis - Founder and President

In May 2011 Mr Nannis founded Bluewater Trading Solutions Inc. with the sole purpose of bringing state of the art trading software solutions to the retail and professional trading communities.

In 2018 we launched the next generation of the platform under the name Bluewater Trader, which is a completely re-engineered version based on a new code base and the Windows Presentation Foundation architecture. It is a 64 bit application and fully multi-threaded and can take advantage of as many threads and memory that is available.

Mr Nannis has been developing software for the last 40+ years and started with the very first standalone PCs and has been evolving with the industry ever since.

Mr Nannis had a 12 year career engineering and developing complex software systems and managing operations at Ericsson Inc. In 2001 Mr Nannis left Ericsson and founded a Professional Services company that provided software development, project management and deployment services.

In 2003 Mr Nannis co-founded TradeMaven Software LLC and focused his efforts on designing and implementing the TradeMaven software platform. The TradeMaven platform has pioneered the trading platform industry with a well-balanced set of features that provides the best possible trading experience.

In December 2005 Mr Nannis became a Managing Partner and CIO/CTO in the TradeMaven Group LLC after the merger of TradeMaven Software LLC and eLocal LLC which was headquartered at the Chicago Board of Trade. The purpose was to combine both software and brokerage into a one stop solution for any trader. Mr Nannis was responsible for all software development and trading infrastructure supporting both retail and professional/floor traders. TradeMaven Group was at one time a registered FCM.

In 2007 Mr Nannis co-founded Investor’s Inside Edge LLC together with Charlie Cochran with the purpose of implementing Charlie’s trading methodology into the software platform and making it available to the public. With superior analytical services supported by a trading software platform our customers get everything they need to succeed. In 2011 this company was re-launched as InsideEdge Trading LLC to reflect changed ownership structure. Since Charlie's passing in 2018 this company has been merged with Bluewater.

Currently Mr Nannis is the President of Bluewater Trading Solutions

Mr Nannis holds a Master of Science in Computer Engineering since 1989 and a MBA from UC Irvine since 1999.