Bluewater Methodology

Welcome to our site, developed for traders by Market Profile traders. Through this site and our services you are going to get an understanding of markets previously reserved for Exchange members only. Our site, hand feeds you specific, timely research, market information and proprietary software that exploits the Market Profile information on every page and screen.

Why the Market Profile? It is a technical analysis tool developed for Exchange members. It is the only technical analysis tool that has an Exchange’s name on it. It is the primary tool used by traders that can control large amounts of the money in a market at any given moment. If you don’t understand the market profile, you could be short changing yourself. Do yourself a favor and get plugged into the world of the Market Profile, the only tool that combines time, price and volume in one display. The only tool developed by an exchange for its members, the most savvy and well capitalized segment of the market.

Every day you will get published research that makes specific trade recommendations, before the fact. A trading chat room that is open from 0800 till 1600 ET. Hourly market commentary, updated trade recommendations as needed, live and post trade commentary, and an end of the day wrap up and specific trade recommendations for the overnight and next day’s markets.

Plus once a week you can sit in on a training session that covers our transparent trading methodology, market dynamics and anything else that the chat room wants to be covered.

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3-2-1 Market Profile Model

Our trading methodology is simplicity itself: 3 Rules, 2 Patterns and one indicator. Our fully disclosed trading setup is based on the Market Profile© and the market’s structure as defined by our longer term distributions. It is tested daily in our trading room by our members.

The trading methodologies are based on transparent specific setups, a trigger, entry rules and an exit rule based on defined trading targets that suit a client’s particular needs.

Market Center Room

Our trading room offers analysis 4 times a day. At the end of the trading day the market analysis / home work for the next trading day is done. We walk through the specific trade setups and discuss how to properly manage the trade once it is taken.

Charting Platform Videos

Here are some videos for guests so you can understand what's on the charts.  They aren't meant to teach you how to use the charts, only to give you a basic understanding so you will be able to follow more of what's going on it the rooms. 

Welcome Charts F1 Overview , The F1 Chart gives you the big picture of the market action and is the best time frame for evaluating what the market has done, what it is doing and danger areas to avoid. It is key for seeing the next day's potential.

Welcome Charts F2 Overview , The F2 Chart is where the daily evaluations are applied, where trades are refined and levels are set for entry and exit.

Welcome Charts F3 Overview , The F3 Chart exploits the 15 and 30 minute time periods and provides the market profile in every time segment.

Welcome Charts F4 Overview , The F4 is the execution and trade management Chart, it is also key in identifying prescribed setups.

Welcome Charts F5 Overview , The F5 Chart is the electronic version of 'Reading the Tape'.  It displays every trade taken in the instrument.

Welcome Charts F6 Overview , The F6 Chart by default reads volume by bars and can read by ticks or a combination of both.  This chart helps you to identify when institutions are trading in the market and confirms the direction for trade selection. 


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