The two software versions are futures trading platforms that supports any style of day trading including advanced volume analysis and programmable trading strategies.

Subscription Levels

The platform is licensed on a month to month basis through a single subscription fee, no other charges are billed by Bluewater.

The software can be licensed at four different levels:

Once you have signed up and have an active Bluewater username you can download and install the platform from our back office

Sign Up and Installation Instructions

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NOTE: A live trading account is required after the initial demo price feed expires to provide a permanent live pricefeed. Check out the Technology page for information about which trading backends are supported.

Bluewater Trader (x64)

The new code base built on Microsoft .Net and Windows Presentation Foundation technology which makes new development much easier and faster. This version is pure x64 bit software without any limitation to the amounts of processor cores or memory you want to throw at it.

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InsideEdge Trader (x32)

The legacy work horse is built on Microsoft Foundation Class / C++ technology and has stood the test of time. This technology is being phased out in favor of more portable and future proof technologies which is the basis of the new x64 bit code base.

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